How Social media marketing helps businesses?

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Connect with your audience

If you are not having an active social media presence, stop and look around. Everyone around you at this moment is neck down, palms together, and is not because they are praying; they are emerged with their phone throughout social media. Observe around you right now, everyone’s attention is being grab by a post. You need to showcase your business at the social media channels were your targeted audience are tuned in.

If you have a physical business, you are also being tremendously affected by not being part of the social media channels. Consumers are more likely to shop with the convenience of a click from where ever in the world they pleased; even food is being clicked! For those consumers that took the day to be out, they are passing right in front of your shop or restaurant without noticing you are there, because they are looking for the stores they saw in “Google.” If you are a Blogger or have an e-commerce, without a social media presence you are on an infinite wait line inside a framework that probably can orbit a couple of hundredths times around the globe; no one will find you. Only those businesses and entrepreneurs who are consistently committed and take time to provide valuable content and visuals assets to their social media platforms are the ones that stand out.

It is never too late to start!

Having an active presence in social media is more important than ever before. This is where your customers and even your competition are interacting right now. By starting your presence throughout social media channels, your business becomes part of a platform shared by millions of potential customers worldwide. This is your opportunity to showcase your brand through posts and collect targeted audience interest in what you are offering. Its vital for your business to post graphic art assets that are optimize, eye-catching, and memorable to trigger engagement with your targeted audience. Being part of the social media platforms gives your brand validity and trust. Social media channels provide a mass exposure to your business, which means it will help boost your website traffic leading to insights that can help your business answer questions such as: What products are my customers buying? How long is taking customers to make a decision to buy? Why are customers not going through with a purchase? What type of posts my audience is inclined to engaged more? The insightful data gain through out social media channels is invaluable, it works like a compass to your business, making sure you stir to the right direction. When you understand your customers, you can cater a better experience for them and turn engagement into conversions.

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Maintaining your social media networks helps you build a relationship with your followers. Even new comers when stepping in a platform that is actively posting content and is engaging with its customers comments, are more likely to stay and check out what you offer. Social media channels although use for marketing they are passive platforms where consumers are merely sharing and approving with a like or love their favorite posts. They are indicators of the bigger picture, is like you are having your own private group tasting what you got to offer and retrieving instant reaction. Consumers want to be authentically engaged with your product or service; they want you to feel reachable. Consumers don’t want a hard sell approach, they want to bond in, and become part of a brand. You need to entertain and inform them with relevant content. The Social Media platforms is where you build data, connections, and move to promoters.

Businesses with active social media profiles have more loyal customers.

Social Media is a fundamental key to customer service. Consumers want instant responses with instant solutions. Your presence is imperative, again you need to be reachable to your followers. Studies showed that customers are willing to pay more for a service, product or ticket from a provider that responds from within minutes to less than 2 hours. You need to keep customers happy and maintain your social media platforms public image positive with good followers feedbacks. Reviews are the deal break to most consumers. When in a search, we all are looking for who has better reviews, more stars, better good looking images before we decide where we put our time and money.

The future is here now

Your competition is already social, but its not too late for you. Don’t feel intimidated or think is too crowded or saturated. Believe in your brand, your product, your service. Be consistent in your business, have a hands-on approach to turn problems into solutions. Most important start your social media platform with a strategy, most businesses fail because they don’t see instant results or just don’t have time. Remember an abandoned social media platform for your business can be more harmful than beneficial. Having a social media presence requires dedication, time, patience and engagement with your audience. Take time to develop your voice and strategy, take time to know your audience behavior, take consideration in feedback and have a flexibility to evolve. Don’t worry about competitors, just focus on your objectives, your strategy, and backed up high quality in what you offer.

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