Brainstorm how-to: the wall of ideas

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

What came first, the egg or the chicken?

Brainstorming is the creative form to solve problems, is the blueprint on foreseen obstacles and critically thinking in providing a solution or an alternative.

When starting a business, there are many things you need to do and plan how-to do them. The process on how-to making plans for your business start with ideas. Ideas come from thoughts that bounced all day from our subconscious to our conscious mind without any filter. Sometimes we think an ideas is the best, and we shut down the creative process, rush to action and later encounter an stumbling block. We catch an idea before we know where it was going. We stop them from evolving.

Brainstorming ideas is essential to develop a comprehensive flow to a successful how-to blueprint. When brainstorming there are four fundamental rules you must establish.

First, you have to let go of judgements, creativity is free and it needs the space to form. Let yourself be without constraints. This freedom takes you to the second rule, no matter how crazy or silly an idea comes, put it on the brainstorming wall. Share, laugh, discuss, argue, turn-it, but let it be, this process helps pave the road to an answer. This is how critical thinking activates. Remember ideas are fragments of thoughts and essentially you are building an environment to learn a how-to on solving an issue or creating something new. Next, be like a rainfall, the more ideas the better. Don't get overwhelmed, let them flow through, what doesn't make sense at the beginning will make sense at the end. Every idea on the brainstorm wall is leading you to the exit of a labyrinth. The last rule, the more heads to brainstorming the better. Don't be intimated of sharing the power of your brain with others, everyone processes thoughts different and great ideas come from collaboration. The more insight is gather, more valuable information, alternatives, consequences, long-term paths will come clearer.

Knowing is Power

On your next plan on how-to, remember take time to gather your team, get a wall and make brainstorming your power engine to solve a problem or create something innovative. The more you brainstorm the better at critical thinking you will become. It also encourages collaboration among your team. Taking everyone's perspective will make your how-to blueprint more likely to succeed.

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